Introducing: Pre-Owned!

Resell with us.

We are incredibly excited to announce you can now sell your pre-owned Marvin Ruby pieces right here on our website through our partnership with Recurate. Recurate is a peer-to-peer selling platform committed to helping brands become more sustainable by initiating their own circular economy. 

Reusing materials and diverting waste is deeply seeded in the Marvin Ruby DNA, so to further our commitment to this lifestyle we are now offering a platform where you can sell your pre-owned pieces in an effort to extend the lifespan of our garments, create a community among our customers, and preserve our one-of-a-kind pieces for future wearers. 

Shopping and selling pre-owned is a sustainable alternative to the traditional linear economy of clothing (make, use, dispose) in which we keep pieces in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them, then recover and regenerate them at the end of their typical use. Shopping pre-owned is better for the environment and your wallet. It reduces demand for more new product and its subsequent waste, and diverts clothing items from landfills, or from gathering dust in your closet. We strongly believe shopping and selling pre-owned is the future of retail.

We try to be as sustainable as we possibly can. At the end of the day, we are a clothing brand that is creating a product. This is a really important step for us, and we hope to see more brands do the same!