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Fall 22 Mood Board

The fall collection is our best work yet :) Inspiration for these pieces came from things that are typically crafts or hobbies - things that may be considered kitschy, like knitting and crochet - and recreating them in a beautiful, neutral way. Everything is made ethically and responsibly, from the recycled cotton denim to the responsible wool certified sweaters.

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Spring 22 Mood Board

Inspired by color. It is so rare that I want to wear color (other than beige or blue). I'm not sure if it's the cumbersome past 2 years, current status of the world, or a recent sunny day, but I am actually for once craving color in my life. I found myself pulling the brightest shades from my Pantone book, and having to reel it in to something more wearable.  I had the phrase "not your grandma's ____" in my head when designing each piece - especially the crochet vest. While sourcing quilts this season tried to find the best shades and designs in need of some love to best show this newly found love for color. -ArlenaFounder of Marvin Ruby     All...

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Spring 2021 Mood Board

A warm welcome. Our spring collection was created with a longing for travel, sunshine, and a reason for dressing up again. When dreaming up our ready-to-wear pieces, I wanted something fun, yet minimal that makes sense to wear at home, to the grocery store, or sipping wine outside when the weather finally breaks.  -MR     All images sourced from Pinterest.

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