Small Beginnings

Marvin Ruby was conceived by a lawless childhood, and hatred for throwing things away. Each piece is meant to be styled with a sweatshirt and western boots, or sneakers and a frilly top. Marvin Ruby walks the line of masculine and feminine and fills a hole in the womenswear market that can easily be styled up or down.

I left my Rust Belt home at the age of 19 to move to New York City. The following years of my life took me on a journey I never would have imagined - moving abroad, nannying by day while taking night classes at the fashion university, interning with a few of my favorite designers, working with large commercial brands, and then ultimately leaving the fashion industry to live full time in my Upstate NY home. The love of making something coveted, that one can identify with, brought me back to the industry. But this time, with words like "small" and "renew" at the forefront of my mind.