Sew Valley, Ohio.


Sew Valley of Cincinnati Ohio is a community of designers, entrepreneurs, product developers, pattern makers, stitches, fit experts, knitters, weavers, textile experts, merchandisers, buyers, stylists, photographers, and tech and digital gurus. Sew Valley provides living wages to their employees as well as sewing education opportunities to the community. Sew Valley is a certified 513 Green Workplace.


A Little Fable, India. 


Our woven styles, the bowling shirt and scout henley, are made by our partner A Little Fable in India. A Little Fable is a boutique export house catering to small brands globally. They specialize in small quantities with a focus on delivering high product quality at competitive costs. The A Little Fable factory is an inclusive and discrimination free workplace, uses 20% solar energy, pays their employees 20% higher than minimum wage, and all employees receive 100% paid healthcare benefits. A Little Fable also has their own brand by the same name, retailing to customers in India. A Little Fable as a team of about 60 employees which focuses on building unique products for boutique customers from the US and Europe.