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Reworking and recycling is a huge part of Marvin Ruby's DNA. We're proud to offer a pre-owned marketplace where anyone can sell their Marvin Ruby piece in an effort to extend the lifespan of our garments, create a community among our customers, and preserve our one-of-a-kind pieces for future wearers.

Shopping pre-owned is better for the environment and your wallet. It reduces demand for more new product and its subsequent waste, and diverts clothing items from landfills, or from gathering dust in your closet. We strongly believe shopping pre-owned is the future of retail economy.

When you are ready to part with your Marvin Ruby piece, you can give someone else the opportunity to love it as much as you did by selling right here on our site where our community is already shopping for Marvin Ruby pieces. Our pre-owned marketplace allows you to safely and securely sell your pre-owned pieces for either cash or store credit. The steps are simple and straightforward.

selling pre-owned process


For sellers: All listings are reviewed by Marvin Ruby before going to our Pre-Owned marketplace. Marvin Ruby has the right to approve or deny listings. Original Marvin Ruby photos will automatically populate for each listing, but please also add your own so the buyer can make an informed purchase.

When you sell a piece in our marketplace, you have three days to ship an item after it has sold. Simply drop it off to your local mailperson. Pre-Owned items ship for free! The buyer must verify the condition upon receipt before proceeds are released. To receive your proceeds in a store credit, Marvin Ruby collects a 10% fee of the selling price. To receive your proceeds in cash via PayPal, Marvin Ruby collects a 20% fee. Right now, Pre-Owned is only available in the USA. We hope to expand this in the future.

For buyers: Pre-Owned pieces are sold directly from Marvin Ruby customers. Simply add a Pre-Owned item to your cart for free shipping! Buyers will confirm the condition of the item within 72 hours of receipt before funds are released to the seller. If the item is not officially accepted within 72 hours, it will be automatically considered accepted after this timeframe.

Pre-owned purchases are final sale, unless misrepresented by the seller. Marvin Ruby will help to settle any disputes and make sure both buyer and seller are pleased with their pre-owned marketplace experience. Please reach out to and for support.


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